The Disease That Kills Businesses

There is a disease that is predominant in our society; one that kills businesses, destroys individuals and families. Unless the disease is treated, it will hinder the growth of your business and can eventually even kill it.


We call this disease: blame. Once you allow it to become a part of your corporate identity or business culture (or even your personal identity), it will already start holding you back. Those who are lucky might only experience a slower progression, but many businesses’ and projects will ultimately become destroyed because of it.


Why is blame such a deadly killer? Let’s take a look at the word itself: b-lame. What this means is that whenever we start to blame anything (such as external situations, people, team members or ourselves), the process has already begun to disempower us. It allows us to settle with an excuse for not finding a solution.


Don’t confuse blame with identifying a problem. Being able to identify the problem and recognise challenges in order to see what’s influencing and affecting our business is an important part of the process. The difference with identifying the challenge is that you are taking responsibility for the problem (instead of blaming an external situation and creating an excuse), which is really the opposite of blame.


Taking responsibility can change your whole life. When we take charge and make it a part of our company culture, everything within the business changes. Individuals who work in your company will feel empowered to take responsibility and find solutions, since blaming is not an option. This changes the dynamic and efficiency within the company and encourages everyone to respond and find solutions to all types of problems.


Let’s be honest. Most of us have played the victim at some point in our lives. The most important thing to do is to realise and recognise that you’re doing it so that you can overcome it. Release the need to blame and instead reclaim responsibility and begin taking the necessary actions to reach constructive solutions. It’s also a good idea to begin encouraging and educating your team members to do the same.


Think about ways in which you can change the pattern of blame and shift to more productive solutions instead. Take charge and change your way of thinking before it gets in the way of your business’ success. Start curing the disease today.

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