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"Create, Automate, Accelerate cuts through the fluff of most other business books. Jay's book will challenge you and force you to define your endgame in business. It's Thiel's "Zero To One" meets Kahneman's "Thinking, Fast and Slow." This one just might save you a decade in your career. Highly recommended."  - Zach Grove, PreeminentCopy.com

Prepare for a controversial look at what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and how to create, automate and accelerate your business. You will discover...

The 5 P's of Priority. Better questions for getting better answers (Purpose, Passion, People, Place and Profit)

Discover what is really required to be an entrepreneur, and find out if you have what it takes

How to map your business from day one so that it grows faster and with less effort

The only two ways you can automate anything, and why your business needs to use both

The formula to success. Stop wasting your resources and get quick effective results

The 6 principles to identify a good business model (most businesses miss at least 2)

The one disease that cripples or even kills business success, and more importantly, how to treat it

Too many books try to give a 'one solution fits all' approach. Here you are encouraged to ask the right questions at each step of the journey. These answers will identify what the most effective strategies and choices for your individual situation.

Find a deeper meaning for your life through your business. By combining philosophy, simple models and frameworks, as well as real life examples, this book will show you how.

Think better. Act better. Get better results.

"The entrepreneur's path is never a straight line. In this great book, Leon Jay, navigates the twists and turns to teach you how live a more epic life - and story!" - Michael Margolis, GetStoried.com

"Unique, thought provoking and inspiring. A rare gem in a crowded market." - Gideon Shalwick, veeroll.com

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28 Day Video Course teaching how to create a lead capture page, drive traffic, build your list and then monetize that list. Step by step instructions in short, easy to manage sessions.

Automated Mail and List Building Software to help build your lead capture pages and follow up with your prospects. The same software used to build the page you are reading now

Headline Generator software which sells for $37. Creates professional headlines in seconds. Headlines formulated by one of Australias highest paid copywriters

Recordings from FusionDojo 2014 live event. Multiple speakers teaching how to build a solid online business over 5 days. Attendance to this event was more than $500 alone

'Do Less Work, Make More Money' PDF. This is a copy of my first book that sells on Amazon for $22.46 

"Leon Jay’s work stands in stark contrast to the books of wannabe gurus who say, ‘Follow me and I’ll make you rich.’ That’s an old song & dance designed to sell you seminar tickets and expensive products.  Leon doesn't want to be your guru. He wants you to have the wisdom and knowledge to make solid business decisions for yourself. That’s what makes Create Automate Accelerate an empowering read. You’ll finish the book knowing where to begin and which direction to travel. (And he won’t take money that would be better spent growing your business)."Kyle Barraghlough, LibertadApparel.com 

"This book is designed to make you think. And then think again. There are dozens of short but probing questions and a myriad of strategies divined from the authors fascination with what makes a business tick. Reading Create Automate Accelerate will clear the fog and give a new perspective on how and why you are in business - leading to a better result and happier life with less effort and less stress."  - Peter Miller, SpeakersCoach.com

Leon Jay is an international author and seminar speaker on the topic of online business. He has spoken in the UK, NZ, Australia, America, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, China, Indonesia and Israel. 

He started out building a web development business, which he passed on to a business partner to pursue the world of affiliate and information marketing.

Since then he has served as an affiliate manager for a 7 figure a year personal development company in Australia, and as Director of Marketing for Mark Joyner Inc (Mark is known as the God Father of internet marketing, and credited as being the first person to have sold an ebook). 

Since then Leon was the marketing mind and 50% partner in a software and training program launch that generated $1.4 million in 10 days. He has consulted and partnered on various other 6 and 7 figure launches, is founder of FusionHQ.com (a platform for digital and information markers) and send.fish (an autoresponder service), co-founded CopySniper.com (an online copywriting software and sales page builder) and is co-founder of Coffee Monster (a cafe and co-working space for digital nomands in Chiang Mai Thailand).

In 2012 he was featured on the cover of the Internet Marketing Magazine, a space reserved only for those who have generated more than 7 figures online. He has also been featured in several books as well as having been invited as a guest speaker on many podcast shows and webinars

In addition to all this he has hosted multiple live events and webinars of his own to help share his knowledge and enthusiasm for building businesses online. His industry expertise is highly valued. Clients have paid $10,000 a day for private coaching with Leon. 

His books are no fluff and contain a fresh, direct and often controversial take on the subject matter. He has little patience for nonsense, fads or parroting other people's content. Leon tells you in no uncertainty what works and what does not.

"Part philosophy, part life story, this entirely insightful online business book is written in Leon's no-nonsense, straight forward style. A distillation of more than a decade of experience leads to some wise words and proven ways of working that will offer something valuable to readers of all levels from those just beginning to explore business to gnarly old veterans of the online business world. Highly enjoyable read." - Ian Daniels, YardDigital.com

"A succinct, humorous and thorough guide to business and personal success through value based decisions demonstrating what science is now confirming is the most reliable way to accelerate your productivity and profits in the modern world." - Dr Dave Jenkins, SurfAid.org